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Monday, June 22, 2009

Alberta to classify eBikes and eScooters as "bicycles"

On July 1, new regulations go into effect in Alberta, classifying eBikes in the same category as bicycles.

They will be called "power-bicycles" and classified under the same laws as bicycles. Putting them in the same category doesn't make them the same thing, it defines them as two distinct vehicles that need to share equal legal status, said a government official.

"Harmonizing the federal and provincial definitions for these vehicles will eliminate uncertainty in consumer transactions and add clarity to enforcement," the new Alberta regulations state.

Effective July 1, 2009 in Alberta, "a power-bicycle will have a top speed of 32 km/h, an electric motor with a maximum power of 500 watts and no weight restriction," the regulation states.

The new regulations admit that the government needed to modernize its thinking and adapt the old rules to accommodate new technologies and consumer tastes. "Alberta's [old] definitions are too restrictive and don't allow for the types of vehicles that are being sold," the new regulation says. As a result of the old regulations, Albertans were buying federally approved Power Assisted Bicycles and "inappropriately licensing and operating them as mopeds."

The federal regulations explicitly state that Power Assisted Bicycles should be treated as bicycles and not as limited speed motorcycles.


diannarchy said...

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Just wanted to point folks to the English side of the Quebec legislation (your "Quebec classified with bicycles" points to the french part but I couldn't figure out how to comment specifically for that link)


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