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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Police version of eBike ready to hit the streets

The men and women in blue may soon be joining the eBike world.

There's now an eBike on the market to help street cops get where they're going faster and save their leg energy for foot-chases.

It's called the E+Tactical police bike from Electric Motion Systems. According to the company, the main selling points of the police eBike are:
  • Improves Officer Response Time and Readiness.
  • Reduces Officer Fatigue.
  • Increases Terrain Navigation. (i.e. up hills)
  • Extends Patrol Coverage Area.
  • Designed for Constant Duty.
  • Reduces Fleet Costs.
The E+ features a 1000-watt 36V motor and can go about 80 km on a charge. The wide tires are a smaller diameter, helping give the bike a lower centre of gravity and more stability (like all eBikes) than a conventional bicycle.

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