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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Write your city or provincial official

There are some loud voices in the conventional bicycle community who have irrational fears about eBikes. Clearly they have not consulted the bicycling communities in British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec and many U.S. states about how succesfully eBikes have been integrated into bicycle culture in North American environments like our own.

In their fear, they are urging Ontario politicians to legislate PBAs (especially eScooters) to be equivalent to mopeds and motorcycles. This is contrary to what other Canadian regions do, and it is contrary to what the federal government envisioned when it outlined the adoption and inclusion of eBikes into Canadian life.

It's important that rational and not reactionary decisions be made by the Ontario government. You can help steer them away from the squeaky wheels that want all the political grease.

Here's how:

Write to your city and provincial politicians. Here is how to find your elected representative's name. And here is a letter you can send, either electronically or by land post.

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