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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Toronto fatal incident sparks discussion

The recent incident in Toronto that claimed the life of a cyclist has sparked more discussion in the media about bikes and cars sharing the same streets.

A cyclist was killed after an altercation with a driver. The cyclist died after the driver apparently drove away with the cyclist holding on to the car's front mirror and door.

The Toronto Star published a helpful Q&A about bikes and street rights and responsibilities.

Earlier in the summer, the local newspaper also published an interactive map based on police reports of where there had been bicycle collisions in the city.

Drinking and cycling

The Toronto Sun asked city police why it isn't a crime to get rip-roaring drunk and then climb onto a bicycle.

It's a question better posed to the Ontario government, who seem too preoccupied with misguided dithering over the minutae of eBikes than to be interested in drunks and road safety.

Onteba reminds all eBikers that people whose licenses have been suspended for criminal offences including drunk driving (over .08 alcohol) are also prohibited from using eBikes.

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