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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sarnia police in pedal crackdown

According to CBC News, Sarnia police are on the lookout for ebikers who don't keep their pedals attached.

Ontario law states that in order for an ebike to keep its classification in the same category as bicycles, it must have pedals attached at all times. (Oddly, the same rule does not apply to mechanical bicycles, which are legal to ride and 'coast' with no pedals.)

Police in the border city are also seeing non-pedal equipped ebikes come across the border from Michigan, where they don't have to have pedals. Michigan ebike drivers must wear a helmet, have a driver's license and pay $7.50 for a "moped" license, and $15 for a three-year license sticker. Recently the Michigan government amended the interpretationof their moped law, which describes only gas-powered bikes, to include electric ebikes.

Sarnia police also warned against illegal modifications that would enable ebikes go faster than the legal limit of 32 km/h.


annie said...

the sarnia police say that they do not want e-bikes, scooters, mini bikes, or any assisted bikes on the streets, we have 2 assisted mountain bikes that get us around an we are constantly harrassed, we have done so much research in regards to our bikes, from the city hall, to the ministry of transportation, to everything about our bikes. according to the ministry of transportation we cannot register safety or plate our bikes, therefore we do not need a liscnese for them, until further notice. they are just like a mountain bike with pedals with an assisted motor bolt on. it waighs inder 11kgs, it is under a 50cc cubic inch motor, therefore we are legally riding them, we do have lights, helmets an bells. we follow all road safety rules an regs.we have been ticketed, an also threatened to have our bikes impounded. what the heck is this all about. THEY ARE LEGAL according to everyone accept the sarnia police. they love to harrass us, an they think they can make up their own traffic laws...first the police say they are a motorcycle, then they say they are mopeds, but with a moped with pedals you do not need a liscense or safety, or insured, but with a moped without pedals you do require these regulations. we have a mountain bike with pedals that travels just like a moped, so if they classify our bikes under a moped, then they should be legal to ride, because they do not even come close to a motorcycle.

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