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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Modifications catch eye of St. Catharines police

Oddball, and not so oddball, alterations to two-wheeled vehicles have caught the eye of St. Catharines police.

According to the St. Catharines Standard, police have cracked down on people adding gas engines and electric motors to conventional bicycles, and on eBike riders who have removed their pedals.

Both of these kinds of modifications change the vehicle's legal status, upgrading it to a "low-speed motorcycle (LSM)" in Ontario. LSMs require license plating and collision insurance.

Ontario's position

Although many jurisdictions allow eBikers to remove the pedals on eBikes, Ontario does not.  The Ontario government FAQs about eBikes outlines the rules for eBikes in the province.

Onteba welcomes enforcement of all the cycling laws of Ontario, as long as officers are not on an eBike-only blitz and will promise to serve and protect us all from every kind of lawbreaking cyclist including the hundreds of pedal cyclists who break traffic laws every day.

The more people on the road who obey the traffic laws, the safer all two and three-wheeled riders will be.

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