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Friday, August 20, 2010

Confused Ottawa cop terrorizes eBiker

An Ottawa city police officer, unfamiliar with the city's laws and policies about eBikes on public pathways, reportedly swerved his cruiser off the road, sped across a lawn and blocked an eBiker from riding down an approved city path.

According to the Ottawa Citizen, after the spectacular and shocking driving display, the officer warned her that eBikes were not welcome on bicycle routes.

"I felt like a criminal," said the eBiker, adding that there appears to be a serious disconnect between this officer and the laws this officer was supposed to be enforcing.

After the bizarre incident, Ottawa city spokesman Barre Campbell told the paper that “the city has no objection to allowing the use of an electrically assisted bicycle in a park or one of its bike paths.”

Police spokesman Sgt. Al Ferris said that the eBiker should not have been stopped, but dismissed the incident as simply a case that, given that eBikes have only been legal to use in Ontario for three years, officers were not familiar with rules governing the new mode of transportation.

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Anonymous said...

Ottawa police need serious updating, I got pulled over also on a Scooter style E-bike, cause he thought I was driving a Vespa with a gas engine on Moodie Drive and a fake plate that had no stickers that came the with the bike from the E-Bike dealer. the dealer had the plate designed to educate the police about E-bikes, and it was registered with Ottawa Police Services. Cop told me to remove the plate, I haven't and wont...!