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Sunday, August 22, 2010

London, Ont. targets illegal gas-engine bikes

According to the National Post, police in London, Ont., are "cracking down" on people who add gas engines to pedal bicycles.

The only kind of motorized bicycle that is legal in Ontario is electric -- an eBike.

Even so, there's a grey-ish area of law surrounding the retro-fitting of electric motors to pedal bicycles, turning them into pedal-assist bikes or "pedelecs."

Provincial statutes suggest that only manufactured eBikes are permitted, and home-built DIY versions are not.


Anonymous said...

"London, Ont. targets illegal gas-engine bikes"

Yeah, all 6 of them at best if the cops can find them, ain't too many gas powered bikes out there lol. why don't the police target the straight pipes on Harley's, Car Subwoofers, car alarms instead...

Laz said...

i included you on my blogroll