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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Stupidist eBike opinion ever?

The Windsor Star recently published a letter from reader Jack Entwhistle that is so poorly researched and speculative, without a simple check of the facts, that the usually-reputable newspaper should be embarrassed to have published it.

The ridiculously opinionated comments, based on pretty much everything except logic and facts, are almost laughable.

The writer poses a series of questions, such as: "what happens when a collision occurs and the e-biker is at fault? Who pays the damages?"

Our answer: If the e-biker "is at fault," the e-biker would pay the damages. That's been a clear legal principle for something like -- oh -- 3,000 years.

The writer continues with: "Are e-bikers required by law to wear safety helmets and are there any age restrictions for these vehicles, or can any young person use them if they so desire? All these questions need to be addressed by the authorities as soon as possible."

Our answer: Well, Jack, those questions were answered about three years ago by the provincial government during its eBike trial period and put into law in October, 2009.  Is three years ago soon enough for you, Jack?

Thanks for writing. Windsor Star, boo to you for not actually caring that you made one of your readers look like a fool.


On Labour Day, a publishing date when few people read the paper or internet, the Windsor Star published a factual rebuttal from another reader.

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