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Thursday, November 18, 2010

'Charge it Daily' is #1 rider tip from longtime eBiker

From blog "Eco Friendly Motorbikes"
You can't overcharge your batteries, claims eBiker Dave in 12 commandments for best eBike enjoyment published in the blog Eco Friendly Motorbikes.

Strictly speaking that's not true, you can overcharge lead-acid batteries if your charger does not have a good battery-management (shutoff and trickle) circuit. Especially in warm temperatures - such as inside the house or in direct summer sun - the batteries can "cook"... their electrolyte will boil and expand, creating a bulge in the battery, giving reduced efficiency and potentially even bursting open and in extremely rare cases, exploding.

But there's no denying that to preserve battery life and efficiency, riders with lead-acid batteries should charge them as often as possible, daily or after their rides.

Other of Dave's helpful tips include:

  • ...draining the batteries to zero reduces battery life.
  • Obtain same canned “fix a flat” carry it with you in case of a flat tire.
  • Always use the CENTER stand when the side stand is not as safe.
It's good to see more and more eBikers putting out positive messages and co-operative information as the community builds around the world for these sensible, efficient and enjoyable 21st-century vehicles.

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    Anonymous said...

    when Storing any E-bike for a typical cold Canadian Winter, do not
    leave the battery in the cold, remove it from Bike, keep it inside, and top it by plugging the bike's charger directly into the battery's connector that normally has the bike itself plugged into it,do this every 3-5 weeks. I'm mentioning this for heavy Sealed Lead Acid 48 volt battery packs - for E-scooter style bikes