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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Malaysia latest country to welcome eBike scooters

The southeast Asian country of Malaysia is set to welcome eBike scooters to its roads, according to that country's largest English-language newspaper The Star.

The country has not amended its roadways legislation since 1987, so previously there was no room in the law for  electric-powered scooters and bicycles.

The main points of the country's concerns are safety: eBikes will have to conform to many of the existing gas-scooter  regulations about headlights, brake efficiency and brakelights.

Road transport Director-General Datuk Solah Mat Hassan also said eBike speed is a consideration. "While such motorcycles are not expected to be occupying the fast lane, it cannot be too slow either as that could obstruct traffic flow and endanger the rider,” The Star reported.

Malaysia's parliament is looking at eBike legislation in December, 2010 for passage shortly thereafter.

Ontario conducted a three-year study into eBikes, before incorporating them into the Highway Traffic Act in October, 2009.

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