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Monday, December 20, 2010

Windsor Star's positive editorial on eBikes

The Windsor Star, one of the province's few newspapers taking a leading role in the discussion of eBike use in Ontario, has made some very sensible suggestions in a recent editorial about eBikes.

  1. eBikes don't belong on the sidewalk.
  2. eBikes do belong in bicycle lanes on the street.
The cases they make are simple: in the former, it's too risky having a speeding eBike in the same physical space as a puppy, baby stroller or inattentive pedestrian. In the latter, they state that since eBikes are "closer to a bike than a car," they should be in the bike lanes. 

Onteba salutes the newspaper for its continuing coverage of eBike issues, and for its sensible and reasoned approach that recognizes that eBikes are not going away but are, in fact, increasing in use.

The conclusion, although stating the obvious, needed to be said because hotheads in all camps often ignore the obvious: "That will make travel safer for everyone."


Kammy & the gang said...

Sarnia council has declared that e-bikes are motorized vehicles and not allowed in bike lanes, sidewalk and trails.


Would love to live in a progressive city some day.

Anonymous said...

Ottawa has also declared that E-bikes of the E-scooter type will no longer be allowed on NCC pathways/trials , but E-bikes that look like real bicycles will still be allowed to be used...