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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bancroft-area trails to host 'eBike Challenge'

The Eastern Ontario Trails Association will hold an eBike challenge as part of a nine-day e-mobility Eco-tourism event this year, according to Bancroft This Week.

The challenge will include events for scooter-style, four-wheel (mobility), and something the paper calls "open-class modified" eBikes.

Organizers say it will be a time-based ride that will coincide with the Coe Hill Wild West Weekend and the Maynooth Logging Games. It won't be a "race."

Onteba salutes the EOTA for including eBikes in the summer recreation plans for Hastings Highlands, Bancroft and Wollaston in addition to Maynooth and Coe Hill.

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Anonymous said...

Should be fun, with all those hills in that area. Bring blackfly repellent!